Sunday, 10 January 2010

Just Chill

What exactly do the ‘R’s in R&R stand for? Rest and Recovery? Relaxation and Recuperation? Whatever they are, today was the designated R&R day. No training allowed except the 28km gentle spin from the ferry port of Picton to Blenheim. Well, you could train if you wanted to (nothing stopping me from knocking out a swift 25km run for example) but the mileage wouldn’t count towards camp completion targets or get you any bonus points – so as you can imagine there are now 25 athletes all sitting with their feet up drinking beer (yes beer – one of the camp sponsors is Steinlager – so we have as much beer as we can drink all camp. Excellent)

And maybe one of the ‘R’s should be Reflection, on what we have done over the last week, on how it has affected our bodies and minds and on what we have left to do. Cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats is a great achievement. Getting there and turning round to cycle all the way back to Lands End again is bordering on mad. But as they say (daily) here – its not called Easy Camp.

A special mention goes to another newbie Brit here – Lee. Lee is in the green jersey today and tomorrow for his suicidal attack on the main group up yesterdays climb. Apparently he jumped with about 7km to go, gained 20m and dangled out there like a maniac for about 20min before being hauled back in and spat out the back. For such insane behavior the committee decided to award him the ‘play of the day’ green jersey – great stuff Lee!

My goals for the second half of the camp haven’t changed. I was pleased with my riding for the first week – I didn’t really have a bad physical day on the bike (mental dips yes) and the two days riding with Russell were fantastic as I felt I had really good form there. So its very much take it day by day and see how the legs feel. In my mind there is a distinct first and second parts to the South island. Part 1 is the next 4 days where we have rides of 130km, 190km, 150km and 148km. Only one ‘big’ day in there, and chances to see how my legs have gained/lost from week 1. Part 2 is the final two days where we have rides of 180km and 190km over very hilly, exposed terrain. They could be very messy indeed. I am hoping that by then, the mental desire to finish will be so strong that I would bike up Everest to get the camp completed! Of course the conditions can change a simple 130km ride into a 7 hour headwind battling, rain soaked misery-fest. Lets all pray for good weather!

My totals for the North Island (with totals left to do for camp completion in brackets) were:

Bike = 1285km (1115km to do)

Run = 52km (53km to do)

Swim = 18.5km (9km to do)

POTD today is Kiwi AG’er David Craig – doing his R&R bit with his NormaTec boots on.


  1. A lovely relaxing day by the sound of it....answered a question or two from yesterday too. You have done so incredibly well to still be ahead on the numbers, but without overdoing your limits...well done! You'll enjoy the South, and it's the homestretch too, which helps. Still waiting for the lunch-stop post BTW. Enjoy!

  2. Well you earnt that day mate, lets hope the body appreciated it & doesn't complain too much when thrown back into action today!

  3. Downhill all the way from here, Rob :)

  4. Great work Rob. I hope the rest works its magic and your body feels fresh again

  5. 25 athletes all drinking beer.. Thank god, you are still all keeping in touch with the rest of us....

    Great effort Rob, and I wasn't referring to the beer drinking.